Vandal Kingdom of Hispania
411 - 429
Iberia 409-429
Vandal Kingdom
Capital Hispalis (Seville)
Language(s) Latin, Vandalic [1]
Religion Germanic Paganism, Arianism
Government Monarchy
Preceded by Western Roman Empire flag - Thumb Western Roman Empire
Succeeded by
Western Roman Empire flag - Thumb Western Roman Empire
Suebic flag Suebic Kingdom
  1. The Vandalic language is closely related to Gothic.
List of Vandal Kings
  • 411
    • Roman emperor Honorius divide most of Iberia sorte (by lot) between the barbarian peoples, who become foederati, permitting to settle under their own autonomous governance in exchange of warriors to the Roman armies.
    • The east of the province of Gallaecia fall to the Suevi, while the west of the province goes to the populous Vandals Hasdingi.
    • The Vandals Silingi receive land from the Romans in Hispania Baetica (South), while the Alans get lands in Lusitania (West) and the region around Carthago Nova (Cartagena).
  • 418 - The Alan king Attaces is killed in battle against the Visigoths, and this branch of the Alans subsequently appeal to the Vandal king Gunderic to accept the Alan crown.
  • 419 - The Hasdingi Vandals attack the Suevi, but they resist with Roman aid, eventually expelling the Hasdingi from Gallaecia. King Gunderic joins the Silingi, becoming king of all Vandals.
  • 429
    • The Roman General Flavius Aëtius convinces Galla Placidia, mother of the boy emperor Valentinian III, that her General Bonifacius was plotting to kill her and her son to claim the throne for himself. At the same time Aëtius convinces Bonifacius that they were plotting to kill him. Thus, Bonifacius enlist the help of the Vandal King Genseric, promising land in North Africa.
    • Genseric cross the strait of Gibraltar with the entire tribe (including the Alans), leaving the Iberic lands to the Romans.
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