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Suebic flag

Suebic Kingdom
Regnum Suevorum

Capital Bracara (Braga)
Language(s) Latin, Gothic [1]
Religion Priscillianism (until 466), Arianism (conversion in 466)
Government Monarchy
Currency Suebic currency
Territories lost to VisigothFlag Visigothic Kingdom
  1. The Suebi quickly adopted the Latin as the official language.
Name Reigned Comments
Rechiar 448 - 456 Son of Rechila
Aioulf 456 - 457 Proclaimed himself king
Maldras 456 - 460 Elected king by the Suebi
Framta 457 Some of the Suebi abandoned Maldras and proclamed Framta as king
Richimund 457 - 464 Sucessor of Framta, although not recorded as king
Frumar 460 - 464 Sucessor of Maldras, although not recorded as king
Remismund 464 - 469 Proclaimed soled king after Frumar's death
Hermeneric fl. c. 485
Veremund fl. c. 485 Existence is conjectured
Wars Duration
Civil War 456 - 464


  • The emperor Avitus calls the help of the Visigoths against the Suebi. Theodoric II invades Spain with an army of Visigoths, Franks, Burgundes under their kings Chilperic I and Gundioch, and perhaps even Romans.
  • October 5th: Theodoric defeat Rechiar in a battle at the Campus Paramus, twelve miles from Astorga on the Urbicus (Órbigo). Rechiar is wounded during the battle, but manage to escape.
  • October 28th: Braga, capital of the Suebi kingdom, fall and is brutally sacked by the Visigoths before moving on to conquer Andalusia.
  • December: King Rechiar is captured in Oporto and executed. The Suevic monarchy collapse and rapidly disintegrate into rival factions.


  • Remismund becomes king of a unified Suebi nation.


  • Remismund requests an Arian missionary from the Visigothic court and receive Ajax, who converts the Suevic nobility and establishes an Arian church in the kingdom.


  • Euric conquers southern Gallaecia and Lusitania to the Suevi.

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