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Suebic flag

Suebic Kingdom
Regnum Suevorum

Capital Bracara (Braga)
Language(s) Latin, Gothic [1]
Religion Germanic Paganism, Priscillianism
Government Monarchy
Currency Roman currency, Suebic currency (after 449)
Territories taken from Western Roman Empire flag - Thumb Western Roman Empire
  1. The Suebi quickly adopted the Latin as the official language.
Name Reigned Comments
Hermeric 409 - 438 First Suebic king
Rechila 438 - 448 Son of Hermeric
Rechiar 448 - 456 Son of Rechila


  • King Hermeric begin to attack the Hispano-Roman population of Gallaecia.


  • The Roman army commanded by Censorius, who came in help of the Roman Gallaecians, defeat the Suebi, forcing them to release the Gallaecian families they had taken captive.


  • King Hermeric ratify the peace with the Hispano-Roman local population.


  • King Hermeric abdicates in favor of his son Rechila.


  • King Rechila take Emerita Augusta (Mérida), capital of the Roman province of Lusitania.


  • King Rechila take Hispalis (Seville), capital of the Roman province of Baetica.


  • King Rechila dies leaving a state in expansion to his son Rechiar who tries to impose his Catholic faith on the Suevi population.


  • February - King Rechiar attempt to conquest Vasconia.
  • Rechiar allies with Basilius, leader of one of the local peasant rebels group known as Bagaudae, and raid the Ebro valley, attacking Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza) and even entering Ilerda (Lérida). He takes many prisoners, but fails to take the region and thus complete the Suevic conquest of Spain.


  • King Rechiar attacks the province of Tarraconensis, the only province of Spain still under Roman control, but did not conquer it.

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