564 - April 13, 585
Alternative Names Ermengild
Hermenegildo (Span. Port.)
Spouse Ingund or Inguthis (daughter of the Frankish King Sigibert I)
Father Liuvigild
Mother Theodosia
Born 564
Died April 13, 585
Executed in Hispalis (Seville) by order of his father Liuvigild.
Religion Nicene Creed (Catholicism)
King of the Visigoths
USURPER TO Liuvigild
Preceded by
580 - 585
Usurper to Liuvigild. Reigned in Baetica.
Succeeded by
Succession When Hermenegild converted to Catholicism, his father Liuvigild demanded that he return to the Arian faith, but he refused. As a result, he led a revolt against his father, being proclaimed king in Hispalis (Seville).
Small Iberia 586